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Cot Bumpers

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What is a cot bumper?

A cot bumper is a padded strip of fabric that is placed around the edge of a baby cot to protect them from bumps and scrapes. They are often made from brightly coloured or patterned fabric, and some have characters or images on them to match your nursery's decoration.

Many parents find cot bumpers helpful in preventing injuries. A baby's head could hit the slats, or their legs could get stuck in between the slats. It also provides a soft and comfortable placed for babies to sleep in. You can also get bassinet bumpers for bassinets.

Are cot bumpers safe?

Most cot bumpers are fastened to the cot with ties, which need to be securely attached so that the bumper cannot be pulled loose by a curious baby. Some bumpers have Velcro fastenings, which can be easier to use. It is important to make sure that the bumper is well-secured and cannot be pulled loose, as a loose bumper could pose a strangulation risk.

Furthermore, there are many different recommendations for a baby's safe sleep. Some may advise against cot bumpers under six months old, as they may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Some guidelines allow cot bumpers. If you do choose to use one, make sure that it is breathable, fastened properly, and will not cover the baby's face. In general, soft toys, pillows and heavy blankets are not allowed into the cot until the baby is able to flip from their back to front, and vice versa.

How long do I need the cot bumper?

Most parents use cot bumpers for the first year. Some people remove it earlier when their baby is crawling and mobile. It's easier to see whether your baby is sleeping or not without the cot bumper. Some babies transition to a toddler bed with safety rails when they start walking, and no longer need the cot.

What are the benefits of using a cot bumper?

Cot bumpers can help to protect your baby from bumps and scrapes, and they can also make the cot look more inviting and comfortable. Some parents find that a cot bumper helps their baby to sleep better, as it makes the cot feel cosier and more like a nest. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Cot bumpers are not essential, but many parents find them helpful in keeping their baby safe and comfortable.

What are the drawbacks of using a cot bumper?

The main drawback of using a cot bumper is the risk of strangulation if the bumper is not securely fastened. If you have any further questions about cot bumpers, please speak to your healthcare professional or paediatrician.

How to choose the best cot bumper?

When buying cot bumpers, focus on safety first. Bumpers with frills, ribbons, beads, and braids increase the chance of choking or SIDS. Padded flat bumpers are more ideal for infants. Then, you can choose based on designs that you like. Some parents prefer brightly coloured or patterned bumpers, while others prefer plainer designs. You should also consider the material if it is soft and breathable for your baby. And finally, look at how easy it is to secure and fasten, and clean the bumper.

Can I make my own cot bumper?

Yes, you can make your own cot bumper if you are feeling creative! There are many patterns and tutorials available online.