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Baby Health

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Keep Your Baby Healthy

What health care items does a baby need?

To take care of baby health, there are a few essential health items that every baby needs. Toiletries and items useful to have in your medicine cabinet or baby health kit include:

  • Skin cream: A baby's skin is very sensitive and susceptible to rashes and other problems. Baby creams developed especially for babies can help soothe and protect your baby's skin.
  • Hearing protection: Baby ear muffs can help protect against cold weather and wind.
  • Oral and dental care: When your baby is teething, they may have sore gums and trouble sleeping. Teething rings or other products can help soothe their gums.Baby toothpaste and toothbrushes help your baby's teeth and gums stay healthy.
  • Baby thermometer: Use to take your baby's temperature accurately.
  • Baby nail clippers: Use to trim your baby's nails safely.
  • Baby nasal aspirator: Use to clear your baby's nose of mucus.
  • Antibacterial and disinfectant products: Keep surfaces free of bacteria to ensure you have your baby in a clean and healthy environment.
  • Baby sunscreen: Apply to protect against the sun's harmful rays, especially in Australia and New Zealand.

Do babies need special skin care products?

Babies have sensitive skin that can be easily irritated. Special care must be taken to protect their skin. Baby skin care products are designed to be gentle and effective. Baby toiletries, as well as baby lotions, creams and powders can help to keep your baby's skin hydrated and free from irritation. Baby rash cream can also be used to treat and prevent diaper rash. Diaper rash is a common problem that can cause discomfort and pain for your baby. Baby rash cream can help to soothe and protect your baby's skin. Choose creams developed for baby skin on stings and bites as well.

What are baby ear muffs?

Baby ear muffs are designed to protect your baby's delicate hearing. They fit snugly over your baby's ears and help to block out loud noises. Baby ear muffs can be worn during activities such as festivals, sporting events or whenever you're exposed to loud noise. Loud noises can damage your baby's hearing and ear muffs can help to reduce the risk of this happening.

Are baby wipes and antibacterial wipes the same?

No, baby wipes and household antibacterial wipes are not the same. Baby wipes are designed to be gentle on your baby's skin. Baby wipes should only be used on your baby's bottom and hands. Antibacterial wipes are designed to kill bacteria and viruses. Antibacterial wipes can be used on surfaces and objects to kill bacteria and viruses, but are too harsh for your baby's delicate skin and can cause irritation.

Are baby health products suitable for newborn babies?

Baby safety is important. Most baby health products are suitable for newborn babies. However, it's always best to check the label before using any product on your baby. This is because some products may not be suitable for very young babies. For example, Baby sunscreen should not be used on newborn babies. Newborn babies should be kept out of direct sunlight and protected from the sun's harmful rays. Baby sunglasses can help to protect your baby's eyes from the sun. Baby hats and long-sleeved clothing can also help to protect your baby from the sun.

Where can I get advice on baby health?

If you're worried about your baby's health, speak to your doctor or baby healthcare professional. They will be able to give you advice on the best products to use and how to care for your baby.