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Glow Dreaming

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Backed by Science, Engineered for sleep.

Glow Dreaming is an Australian business with the purpose of solving sleep as a foundation for a better life. Glow Dreaming was created because a parent had a desperate need to have the support of a device that actually worked when there was none available. Since that moment, Glow Dreaming has continued to learn, grow, and develop in the sleep space to always ensure that families get the sleep they need.

What does Glow Dreaming do?

Glow Dreaming make products but also offer support to make sleep easy for parents of newborn babies, or anyone needing better sleep!

Is the Glow Dreaming a night light?

While it can be used as a night light, the Glow Dreaming is the 5-in-1 sleep aid that is scientifically engineered for sleep. The features include RED LED light, GREEN LED light for wakeups, pink noise, aromatherapy and a humidifier.

Can I use the Glow Dreaming without Water?

You can absolutely use the Glow Dreaming without water. Just remember the timer is connected to the humidifier. So, if you want the light or pink noise to turn off after 2 or 4 hours, you will need to pop some water in the tank and run the humidifier as well. If you use the 10-hour setting, the humidifier will run until the water tank is empty and then turn itself off, while the pink noise and red led light will continue to run until you turn them off manually in the morning.

Is the pink noise is too loud?

It can sometimes feel like the pink noise is quite loud, particularly if you are used to sleeping without it. We recommend starting out with the lowest volume for a few days, then gradually increasing the volume. The Glow Dreaming has 3 levels of pink noise: 50, 60 and 70 decibels. The loudest setting is specifically calibrated to be safe for young ears – always take care to keep noise at a safe volume for little ones.