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Nappy Bin

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Keep Your Nursery Smelling Fresh With Our Nappy Bins

What is a nappy bin?

A nappy bin is a device that is used to store soiled nappies until they can be disposed of. Nappy bins usually have a lid that seals in odours, and they may also have a deodoriser built into them. They pack each soiled diaper in individual plastic bags, to reduce the intensity of the smell. Nappy bins can be made of plastic or metal, and they typically have a capacity of about 15-20 diapers.

Why do I need a nappy bin?

Nappy bins will separate your trash and used diapers. If you throw dirty nappies in a separate nappy bin instead of your normal trash bin, you won't get a whiff of nasty odour every time you throw rubbish in the bin. This will keep your house smelling nice. Nappy bins also help to contain the spread of germs. However, you don't need them if you are only using reusable nappies for your baby.

Do nappy bins smell?

Most nappy bins do not emit an odour, depending on the type of bin and the frequency with which it is emptied. They are designed to contain any bad smell, so they should not be a source of strong smells if you empty it regularly.

How often should I empty my nappy bin?

It is typically recommended that you empty your nappy bin at least every 1-2 days. This depends on the size of your bin and the number of diapers you are using daily. To wash the bin, just hose it down and wipe dry, or wipe with sanitising wipes.

How do I use a nappy bin?

Using a nappy bin is simple. Just place soiled diapers into the bin, twist a dial to wrap up the soiled nappy, and close the lid. You can also use the wrap the dirty nappy into a ball using the tapes attached to it before throwing it in the nappy bin. Be sure to empty the bin on a regular basis. You need to buy refills when the plastic bag runs out too.

What can I throw inside a nappy bin?

Nappy bins are designed for soiled diapers and swimming nappies, but you can also use them for other trash used to change baby's nappy such as baby wipes and tissues. However, you should not put food or liquids into a nappy bin.

What should I look for when buying a nappy bin?

When shopping for a nappy bin, look at:

  • The capacity of the nappy bin.
  • How easy it is to use. Often, you may be busy when changing your baby and need to use it using just one hand.
  • How good it is at locking in bad odours. Read online reviews and get recommendations from other parents.
  • The design and how fits in aesthetically in the nursery room.

What are other ways to dispose of soiled baby nappies?

There are several other ways to dispose of soiled baby nappies, including:

  • Wrapping the diaper: You can also wrap the soiled diaper in a plastic bag before disposing of it in your normal trash. This will help to contain any odours.
  • Using a disposable bag: Disposable bags designed for diaper disposal are another option. Just place the soiled diaper into the bag and seal it up. These bags can then be thrown away with your regular trash.
  • Burning the diaper: In some areas, you may be able to burn soiled diapers. This should only be done in a safe area, and you should follow all local laws and regulations.