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Nursery Storage

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Keep Your Nursery Room Tidy And Organised With Our Storage Solutions

How to keep my nursery always clean and organised?

Keeping your nursery room clean and tidy can be a challenge, but it is worth it! Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Create a quick and easy cleaning routine that you can stick to.
  • Make sure to regularly clean your changing table and all surfaces in your nursery room.
  • Use nursery storage boxes and baskets to organise your things.
  • Keep all your baby's toys and books in one place so that they are easy to clean up.
  • Vacuum the nursery rug and dust the room on a regular basis.
  • Clean up spills and mess as soon as possible. It's harder to get rid of stains that have been left for a long time.
  • Empty your nappy bin often.
  • Air the nursery room daily to get fresh air in.

How should I store my baby's clothes and toiletries?

You can store your baby's clothes in a chest of drawers or in the closet. Buy a few storage organisers to separate bodysuits, jackets, pants, and t-shirts. Another alternative is to sort out the clothes by season. Sleeping bags and blankets can also go in the dresser.

For baby toiletries, keep them in a place that's within an arm's reach when you're changing diapers or clothes. Put them in a storage basket under the changing table or on shelves near your changing table. Bath toiletries such as shampoo and soap can be in the bathroom.

Where do I store newborn toys and books?

A great place to store newborn toys is in a toy box, basket, or storage unit. Books can go on wall shelves or in a storage box. Make sure you label all boxes and baskets clearly and place them in one corner. Ensure that all nursery furniture is safely secured to the wall.

Which type of nursery storage box and basket is best for baby?

There are different types of nursery boxes and baskets for storage. The best ones for babies are made from natural material and lightweight. Avoid heavy boxes and baskets as this can be a cause of accidents. Some of the most popular options include wicker baskets, cloth, or paper boxes.

What are good storage ideas to save space in my nursery room?

There are many ways to save space if your room is small or you have a lot of items. Firstly, you can invest in a multipurpose furniture. Think of change tables with drawers, cribs with change tables, or stools that double up as a storage box.

Buy storage boxes, baskets and organisers that will help you organise the clothes, toys, toiletries, and books. Storage units are great for keeping them all in one place. You can also get a cart with wheels that you can roll in and out of the room as needed. This is a great idea for smaller houses.

For the wardrobe, vacuum pack baby clothes and sleeping bags that are out of season to save space. Utilise a hanging shelf made of fabric to pack in more items. If your wardrobe is big, you can put in a storage unit in there.

Install a few shelves on the wall to store books, albums, and picture frames. They also double up as cute wall decorations. Mount several wall hooks for towels, jackets, and small items.

Painting your walls in a neutral colour and hanging a mirror will also give the illusion of a bigger room. Above all, keep the room clutter free and organised. This will instantly make the room feel larger than it looks.