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What are interactive toys for babies?

Interactive toys for babies are toys that stimulate their senses and help them learn. The toys are usually built to be entertaining and prompt babies to interact with them using sounds, lights, and movement. Interactive toys can be anything from baby rattles and mobiles to soft baby books and activity centres.

What is a Montessori baby toy?

A Montessori baby toy is made of natural items such as wooden toys or play mats from natural rubber. They encourage babies to learn and experience things using their senses and allows for open ended play to develop the baby's imagination.

Are interactive toys good for babies?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every baby is different. However, many parents find that interactive toys are beneficial for their baby's development, improving their motor, cognitive and language skills.

When do babies start interacting?

Babies start interacting when they are born. They learn from what they hear, see, and feel. Their earliest interactions with the parents or care givers give them the assurance of a safe and trustworthy environment to set them up for learning and development.

When can I start giving my baby interactive toys?

There are no hard rules on this. A baby loves and wants to interact from birth. They look at you in the eyes, listen to your voice, and stare at moving objects and lights. By the time they get to 3 months, they are more interactive and more likely to enjoy an interactive toy such as a rattle or musical toy. When they start crawling, they will enjoy spinning tops or interactive dolls.

How should I play with my baby using interactive toys?

Sit down and spend time with your baby when they are playing with the interactive toys. You can talk to them, narrate to them what's happening, and help your baby to navigate the toy.

For example, read interactive baby books to them and wait for their response. Encourage them to push the buttons, open doors and spin knobs when playing with activity centres. Show them what they can do in a playgym such as reaching out to touch a rattle. There are also interactive toys that clip to strollers, encouraging learning when out.

Which interactive toy is best for my baby?

This depends on what your baby's interest is. Babies tend to be drawn to certain things more than others. As a guideline, choose interactive toys that are simple, age-appropriate, and safe for them to handle. Select toys that encourage them to be active, such as baby jumpers and baby walkers. Find ones that help them hit their development milestones.

How important is sensory play for a baby's development?

Sensory play is important for a baby's development because it helps them learn about the world around them through sight, sound, touch, smell, feeling and movement. It is also a great way for them to bond with you and develop their social skills. Some examples of sensory play are: exploring different textures, playing with water, sand or dirt, listening to music, shaking rattles or toys, and looking at pictures.

Can a baby get overstimulated?

Yes, babies can get overstimulated when playing. They may feel overwhelmed with the sounds, music, and lights of a toy or there may be too many toys at one time. When this happens, they may start looking away from the activity, be irritable and clingier. Always allow for breaks and learn to read your baby's cues.