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Baby & Toddler Outerwear

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Make Sure Your Little One is Warm with Baby and Toddler Outwear!

What types of baby and toddler outerwear are there?

There are many different types of baby and toddler outerwear on the market, from lighter weight sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans, to heavy coats and jackets. It is important to choose the right type of baby clothing for your child based on the weather conditions in your area. In general, it is best to dress your child in layers so that they can easily adjust to changes in temperature.

What are the advantages of cardigans over jumpers and sweatshirts for babies and toddlers?

When your choosing baby clothes, a baby and toddler cardigans, jumpers, or sweatshirts are a go-to for a first layer of warmth.

  • Cardigans are a great type of outerwear for babies and toddlers because they are very versatile, just like a newborn baby jacket. They can be worn over a shirt or dress, or layered over clothing for extra warmth. If you live in a moderate climate, baby cardigans layered with other clothing can be a great purchase to keep your little one warm, rather than a heavier padded coat or jacket, and easy to slip off if they get too hot.
  • Baby and toddler jumpers and jerseys are also popular choices for baby and toddler outerwear. Baby jumpers and jerseys provide warmth without being too bulky, making them ideal for layering as well. In cooler weather, baby sweatshirts and jumpers these can be worn over a long-sleeved shirt or under a coat for extra warmth.

What outerwear should babies and toddlers wear on their legs?

If you live in a colder climate, it is important to dress your child's legs in warm trousers or tights. In milder weather, leggings or jeans are perfectly acceptable. It is also a good idea to have a pair of socks or booties on hand to keep your child's feet warm and dry.

When should babies and toddlers wear hats?

Baby and toddler hats are and essential item, as they help to protect their heads from the sun and wind. In colder weather, a beanie or woollen hat is a necessity to keep your child's head warm.

Are mittens or gloves better for babies or toddlers?

Choosing between baby mittens or gloves is mostly personal preference for parents.

  •  In general, mittens are better for very young babies and toddlers, as they are easier for you put on your little one's hands and fingers.  Mittens tend to be warmer, so they are the better choice for very cold weather.
  •  Some parents, and especially for toddlers, prefer the dexterity that gloves offer. Gloves are also generally considered more stylish, so if you are dressing your child for a special occasion, they may be the better option.

Are there different types of jackets for babies and toddlers?

There are many different types of jackets on the market for babies and toddlers. Some baby and toddler jackets are made from waterproof materials, which is ideal for wet weather, while others are padded or quilted for extra warmth. If you live in a cold climate, it is important to choose a jacket that is properly insulated to protect your child from the elements.

What other types of clothing do babies and toddlers need?

In addition to outerwear, all babies and toddlers need a few basic items of clothing, such as bodysuits, sleep wear, singlets and socks! You might want some outfits for special occasions. It is also a good idea to have a few spare clothes on hand in case of accidents or spills.

What are the best materials for baby and toddler outerwear?

  • Cotton is a popular choice for toddler and baby outerwear because it is soft, comfortable, and breathable. It is also relatively affordable.
  • Wool is another good option for colder weather, as it is insulating and will help to keep your child warm.
  • Down or synthetic down are both good choices for very cold weather, as they provide a high level of warmth.
  • Fleece is another popular choice for baby and toddler outerwear, as it is lightweight and can be easily layered under other clothing.

Are cardigans and jumpers for babies and toddlers easy to wash?

Yes, most cardigans and jumpers for babies and toddlers are made from machine-washable materials. However, you should always check the care label before washing to make sure that the garment can be tumble dried, as woollen items may shrink if they are not air-dried properly.