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What should a baby wear in a pool?

A baby should wear a suit that is specifically designed for swimming. These suits will provide some buoyancy and help keep your baby safe in the water. You may also want to use a swim nappy under the suit to help contain any accidents. There are disposable options, but we stock reusable swim nappies for the environmentally conscious family.

What age can a baby go swimming?

A baby can start swimming as soon as they are born! However, you may want to wait until your baby is a little older and more comfortable around water before taking them to a pool. Around 4-6 months is a good age to start, but always consult your midwife or infant care professional first.

Can I take my baby swimming in just a swim nappy?

No, we do not recommend taking your baby swimming in just a swim nappy. A swimsuit will provide some buoyancy and help keep your baby safe in the water. Appropriate swimwear will also help keep your baby safe from the sun's harmful rays.

Are reusable or disposable swim nappies better?

This is a matter of personal preference. Disposable swim nappies are more convenient, but they can be expensive and are not great for the environment. Reusable swim nappies are a more eco-friendly option, and you can save money in the long run by using them over and over again.

How many reusable swim nappies do I need?

This will depend on how often you plan to go swimming. If you are going to the pool or beach regularly, we recommend having 2-3 reusable swim nappies. This way, you can have one in the wash while still having a spare for swimming.

How often should you change a swim nappy?

We recommend changing your baby's swim nappy every 2-3 hours, or sooner if it becomes soiled. It is also a good idea to have a spare swim nappy on hand in case of accidents.

What is the best way to store reusable swim nappies?

We recommend storing reusable swim nappies in a dry nappy bucket or a regular laundry basket until you are ready to wash them. This will help prevent any odours from developing. Once they are washed and dried, put them away with the rest of baby's clothes.

Is it ok for baby's to swim in a chlorine pool?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for your baby to swim in a chlorinated pool. However, you may want to avoid prolonged exposure to chlorine, as it can be drying on the skin. We recommend showering your baby off after swimming and applying a moisturiser to help keep their skin hydrated.

How long should kids stay in the water?

This will depend on the age and swimming ability of your child. Generally, it is safe for kids to stay in the water for short periods of time. If your child is under 4 years old, we recommend that they take a break every 20 minutes or so to avoid over-exertion. For older children, it is still important to take breaks and make sure they are drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

How do I know if my baby is cold in the pool?

Babies can lose heat quickly, so it is important to keep an eye on them while they are swimming. If your baby starts to shiver, looks blue or has goose bumps, they may be too cold and you should get them out of the pool right away. Wrap them in a towel and hold them close to help warm them up.